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How It Works
I Buy Black - Do You?
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Teach Your Children To Buy Black
Being A Supporter Is Easy and Fun.
Just Follow These 4 Simple Steps...

1. Decide your monthly purchase level

Each product in our online store is worth a certain number of points. As you add products to your shopping cart, your points add up. Decide how many points worth of products you are willing to commit to purchasing each month, at a minimum. Choose either 10, 25, 50 or 100. The higher the points you are willing to commit to, the more rewards you will earn.
10 25 50 100

2. Place Your First Monthly Order, Become a Supporter

Enroll online in minutes

Visit our online store. Place products in your shopping cart worth AT LEAST 10, 25, 50 or 100 points, depending on the monthly purchase level you decided on. Then, when checking out, select "Become a Supporter" and follow the directions.

Set-up your monthly order

Placing this first order will create an automatic monthly order for you and make you an official Supporter.

Buy Black

3. Change Your Monthly Order Whenever You Like

You can choose different products for your order each month or leave your order the same. Feel free to try new products each month or continue to purchase the ones you know and love. To add products to your monthly order, just shop in our online store and click "Add To Supporter Order" instead of "Add To Cart". New products are added to our online store frequently.

Some Supporters purchase products for their personal use each month. Some purchase holiday gifts for loved ones with their monthly purchases. Others are committed to trying every product in the store. Either way, you can use your monthly order to purchase whatever you like. Just make sure your order meets or exceeds the minimum points necessary for the level you chose. You can cancel at any time.

Buy Black

4. Refer Others To The Buy Black Movement

Refer other positive, Black people to the Buy Black Movement. Let your friends and family members know about the wonderful things that are going on here. Invite them to check out the website and become a part of the movement for free.

Get them to sign up on this website for free by sending them to your personal signup link:


That way, we will know you referred them. When they make purchases, you will earn rewards.

Buy Black

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