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How To Sign-Up
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  • uplift the Black community with every purchase that you make

  • demonstrate your committment to our race by purchasing from Black-owned businesses each month

  • earn phenomenal rewards for your ongoing participation and consistent, monthly support

  • receive awesome products from Black-owned businesses each month, shipped to your door.

  • take great pride in knowing you are making Black businesspeople's dreams come true

  • years from now, be able to show your grandchildren exactly how you helped improve our race.
Set up a monthly order. Purchase top quality Black-made products each month.

Receive big discounts, earn great rewards and make a huge difference in the Black community.
Supporter Signup
Become a Supporter in 3 easy steps...
1. Shop in our online store.
2. Add products to your cart worth enough points for the Supporter level you choose:

10 Purchase at least 10 points worth of products monthly, enjoy discounts and earn rewards
25 Purchase at least 25 points worth of products monthly, get discounts and BIGGER rewards
50 Purchase at least 50 points worth of products monthly, get discounts and HUGE rewards
100 Purchase at least 100 points worth of products monthly, get discounts and MAXIMUM rewards
3. During check out, choose YES to "Become a Supporter" and follow the directions.
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